Welcome to Haras Enterprises

Envisioning a branding that will outstand for the quality of its components nurtured by the most acknowledgeable yet warm and friendly talented team we continue our journey of creating the luxury experience.


Our mission is to enlarge and enrich the global culture providing the best of the world locally.


We aim to be a point of reference in every brand or service we develop, providing the best quality of its kind.

Our Philosophy

At Haras, we believe that when we share our love and passion for excellence, we create an atmosphere where great things can happen.

Haras Catering

Caters to Houston and Greater Houston Areas, providing personalized services, thoughtful event planning, brilliant preparations, and the highest level of customer service.

Haras Hacienda

HARAS HACIENDA is the ideal wedding venue for religious celebrations, social functions, weekend getaways, corporate events, and special occasions. Open and covered areas are surrounded by beautiful landscapes: a lake, a small island, a chapel, decks, lounges, large and small plazas and a state of the art boutique hotel that crowns the premise providing luxury and comfort that enriches any special occasion.

Haras Dos Cavaleiros

HARAS DOS CAVALEIROS is located on a beautiful estate in the equestrian heart of Texas. We are perfecting the art of breeding an exceptional horse: the pure bred Lusitano.

Haras Mexican Restaurant

Indulge yourself by tasting our finest Haute Mexican and International Cuisine. Thirty minutes from downtown Houston and fifteen minutes from the Woodlands, a luxurious and contemporary restaurant in a modern hacienda features the traditional flavor of Mexico while providing the highest level of customer service.

Haras Hotel

HARAS HOTEL an intimate and stylish Boutique Hotel with the feel of a luxurious private residence yet comfortable atmosphere reflected in our suites, which are tastefully decorated in an attractive mix of modern and classic styles.